Monday, April 2, 2012

Marathon day from Tac's point of view

Got up at 08.00 on Sunday for a delicious breakfast before Claire was picked up by the bus that took her to the start of the marathon. I had a few hours before I got picked up by the 'crowdbus', in which I had a little stroll and sat in the sunshine reading my magazine while Claire was running the miles away.

In the beautiful surroundings of massive mountains and crystal clear lakes I found myself a good spot to enjoy the event. After watching all the runners struggling on their last few metres before the finish, Claire came past me looking like she just started, almost. (I wanted to say that Claire passed as a 'dartelend hertje' but dont think there is a english equivalent for this.)

When we got back in Clifden we went for dinner and some drinks with Marcus and Colleen who were staying at the same B&B. We ended up doing a little pubcrawl. Had dinner and icecold Heinekens on the first stop, switched to Guinness on the second and finished with some more Guinness in the last. The second pub we were, had a band (Sumbrellas) playing in front of the pub on a parking lot between the cars. They played cool songs on their guitars and violins.

After the beers we went back to the B&B where we watched our new favorite series Homeland on the laptop before falling asleep.

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