Friday, April 27, 2012

Cycletrip Day 4: Namur - Romeree

We cycled a looong way next to the river the Meuse (Maas), the road was very hobbledy and we also had a vicious wind in our faces, but the beautiful views made up for it. We crossed a few castles and many abandoned Grand Hotels where the tourists loved to go but nowadays are no more then storage places. We passed the Leffe Abbey (we had a couple yesterday) before we came into Dinant, the place where the inventor of the saxophone was born. Just a funny fact.

After Dinant we stopped at a place to buy some more pieces of wood and crocodile/gaffa tape that would support the broken karretje a bit more. We chose to cross the river not by ferry, but just went over the bridge, easy as that. A few kilometres further we had to cross back, also over a bridge, to continue our road on a long straight way, away from the Meuse. We felt that the energy was running a bit low so we stopped several times to regain this by eating cookies, bananas and chocolate.

In Romeree we had a nice finale up a hill that seemed like the alp dhuez (Claire, reading over this entry: should I know what that is? Is my knowledge of big mountains really poor?). Luckily there was a very nice massage douchecabin (Claire again: that's not a naughty cupboard for idiots, it's a shower) complete with chair so that warmed us up. We also warmed up our lasagnas in the microwave, and had a little game of Yahtzee. After dinner we spent some time, too much for our liking, finding a place to stay the next day. Before we went to sleep we watched an episode of our replacement of Homeland, Breaking Bad.

Day's stats
Namur, Belgium - Romeree, Belgium
Left 10.00am, arrived 5.15pm
Distance travelled: 62km
Conditions: shitty surfaces at start, some showers later on
Funniest bits: accidentally put the aluminium bowl with lasagna in the microwave, sure there were lots of funnier bits, can't think of a specific one at the moment.

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