Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cycletrip Day 1: Barendrecht - Hoogstraten

After all the preparations (not that many) we were ready to leave Barendrecht at 10.30am. All the stuff fit in the cart so off we went. The first bit went very smoothly and before we knew we were in Dordrecht.

After a short break we had to go over the Moerdijk bridge: shittabrick, the trouble started there. What a wind, it almost threw us off our bikes. On the other side we decided to change route, following the green signs instead of the red ones. Bad decision.The green ones take you along the scenic route, wich probably is beautiful when you are not cycling with the wind in your face. Focking hell what a wind. At times we drove 8 kmph (shown to us on our last minute buy, a basic bike computer a.k.a.odometer).

Finally we came into Breda but from there we didnt have a route, so in the rain we had to check on the roadmaps beside the road to work out where to go to get through the city. Pfff, what a hell, and what a wind, or did we already mention something about the Dutch storm? Once we crossed the border into Belgium it took a bit of a search again, but it was pretty easy from there although we drove for a bit on a road that also was used by massive trucks. Anyway it took a bit longer than expected before we arrived, soaking wet and chilled to the bone in Hoogstraten, it must have been around 20.45. Just in time to see the semi-final of the champions league ;-)

Day's stats:
Barendrecht, Netherlands - Hoogstraten, Belgium
Left 10.30am, arrived 8.45pm
Distance travelled: 88km
Conditions: bloody bloody wind and rain
Funniest bits: Claire falling over while Taco asked for directions; Claire travelling at approximately 4kmph over the Moerdijk bridge; Taco saying as we came into Meerhout, realising we weren't yet in Hoogstraten, in a very sad-serious 5 year old voice: "It's the next village, isn't it?"

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